Monday, August 15, 2011

Camp Experiences

Yesterday in our worship services we heard from many kids about their experience at Summer Games this past summer. We had around 50 kids go to either Summer Games University for junior and senior high students or the first ever Summer Games Junior for elementary school students. They were excited about many parts of camp like horseback riding, creek stomping, and the food. Many also mentioned the presence of God in worship and prayer. Overall it sounded like our kids had a great time.
I would love to hear any other stories people might have. I have had more than one grandma tell me about the experience of their grandchildren. It is wonderful when even the faces of parents and grandparents light up when talking about their child's experience. So if you have a story to share about a camping experience please comment on this post.
I have great memories of camp. I have been going since I was 14 years old to Christian camps. I missed going as a camper because I started going as a counselor. Now I go as a pastor. Soon I will get the parent experience as Jamison will be old enough for Summer Games Junior next summer.
I too have great memories of food, activities and the presence of God. I keep in contact with many of my camp friends still today. God just seems to do something special when we get out of our routine. When we leave our TVs and computers behind God can really get our attention.
Maybe that is a reminder to find more ways to get away then just camp. Even going for a walk or sitting in a park might give us a little glimpse of that camp-like experience. I pray we all can find ways to be open to God's presence and keep going to camp.

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